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We invite you to the second largest mercury mine in the world. It is located in the oldest mining town in Slovenia, which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List with its mercury heritage.

We have prepared several types of tours of Anthony's Main Road and Hg Smelting Plant. FAMILY TICKETS are available.

Anthony's Main Road

An unforgettable underground experience

In 1500, the Idrija miners began digging the still preserved Anthony's Main Road. After watching the introductory film, you can visit the mine accompanied by experienced guides, descend into the underground of the Idrija mine, where you will be impressed by the 700 km long labyrinth of mine tunnels, the mysterious world of mercury and the unique underground. chapel of the Holy Trinity.

The tour is suitable for all ages and lasts one hour and thirty minutes. On the path, which is 1200 meters long, it is necessary to overcome the 22 m altitude difference and climb 116 steps. We recommend suitable footwear. The temperature in the mine is 13 ° C. All visitors get protective overcoat and helmets.

Children under the age of three are not allowed in the tourist mine.


Alchemist Ernest and mine elf Perkmandlc are experts when it comes to mercury and everything related to it, as they come from the second largest mercury mine in the world.

In the mine you can goon an unforgettable adventure and get to know different mining professions through observations, experiences, feelings and discovering the mine. With the right mining work and problem solving, you will find a mine treasure and maybe even meet the mining elf Perkmandlc.

In the Hg Smelting Plant, children and parents, with the help of alchemist Ernest, get to know alchemy and perform various interesting experiments. For the final test, the children put on magic coats, tense their brains and go on a treasure hunt with the help of a map. After successfully completing the tasks, a surprise awaits them.

Due to the limited number of places, both adventures must be booked in advance!

Family tickets are also available.

Children under the age of three are not allowed in the tourist mine.

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Hg Smelting Plant

You will be able to continue the underground experience in the Hg Smelter with interactive content, where you will learn about the history of Idrija smelting and the exceptional importance of mercury, which marked the development of Idrija and co-created the global flourishing of human civilization.

With the help of experiments, animations, videos and Hg-based devices, you will learn and experience the importance of this unique liquid metal that changed the world, and its versatility in science, technology, industry, medicine, culture and everyday life - from prehistoric times to this day.

After visiting the exhibition, you will take the elevator to the highest level of the preserved separation plant - to the final station of the cableway- and relive the ore path from the excavation to the smelting, next to the sowing and transport devices to the rotary furnice.

The tour is suitable for all ages and lasts one hour and fifteen minutes.

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