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Interactive Tour of the Hg Smelting Plant

Embark on an interactive tour of the Hg Smelting Plant, where you will explore this unique liquid metal that has shaped the world and influenced the development of human civilization through descriptions, films, and animations.


Geological journey through Anthony's Main Road

The Idrija mercury ore deposit is a globally significant geological heritage site. Many geological landmarks are now submerged, but numerous key features of the Idrija deposit can be observed in the open section of the mine shaft called Antonijev Rov (Anthony's Main Road), which is arranged for tourist visits.

We invite you to embark on a geological journey where you will discover the exceptionally fascinating geological heritage of the Idrija Mine.

Idrija Klavže Water Barrier in digital 3D space

Experience the functioning of the klavže water barrier through this animation.
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