Idrija Hg Smelting Plant Project

Project Hg Smelting Plant Project

The Idrija Mercury Mine was one of the largest mercury mines in the world and played a significant role in social, cultural, technical, scientific, and research development during its operation. The rich heritage of the mine, ranging from its buildings, equipment, and knowledge, needs to be preserved for future generations. It should be given new functions and content while being appropriately presented.

The project aims to preserve the Separation plant in the area of the Idrija Smelting plant, which is a culturally significant monument of national importance. The goal is to revitalize the heritage through educational, touristic, and promotional content, thus enhancing the tourism offerings of the area. This region's mercury heritage has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Through the implementation of the first phase of the investment, we aim to connect the story of mercury "from ore to mercury drops" starting from Anthony's Main Road, where the ore was excavated, to the Smelting Plant, where the ore was sorted and smelted. After the project's completion, the Separation Plant will feature a presentation on ore transportation from the mine to the smelter/Smelting Plant? and provide a tour of the ore sorting, crushing, and sieving processes. The newly constructed Visitor's and Exhibition Centre will offer a modern audio-video-virtual experience, where visitors can learn about the properties of mercury, its applications, its impact on the environment and human health, and the various methods of mercury ore burning/smelting through the centuries.

The project commenced in January 2015 and was concluded at the end of January 2017. On 1st February 2017, the Idrija Mercury Heritage Management Centre completed its restoration and opened the Smelting Plant of the Idrija Mercury Mine. Visitors to Idrija can now experience the entire process from ore to mercury drops. The restoration and inclusion of new content have given the Smelting Plant a fresh appearance and a new lease of life.

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